Monday, August 1, 2011

In the beginning....

Lets pretend to jump in our time machines and go back to when the craziness first started. That would be my sophomore year of high school and I needed an elective. Thus started basic drawing which progressed to include painting, commercial arts,ceramics and more drawing. On to college where the real fun began and ended with a BFA with an emphasis in graphic design. You can imaging the all the fun classes I took. After college I went on to work in retail and ended up in special needs department at a local high school. I absolutely love working with these kids they are amazing. I married my high school sweet heart and we have one adorable (usually) son, a dog and 3 fish. As if keeping up with them was not enough I also have added stained glass creation, scrap booking,  photography, paper crafts, furniture restoration, mosaic tiling,knitting, and crochet to my list of activities.

This is just how the craziness started stayed tuned for updates!

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  1. Hello Candace! Welcome to the online jewelry blogging community & congrats on your new blog! I saw your name in the Bead Soup blog party line-up and it caught my eye. My maiden name is McGinnis! :-) I just had to contact you and say Hi! Looking forward to "seeing" you around the blogs!