Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spring and Summer a recap

The end of the summer and beginning of a new school year comes with mixed emotions. I am excited to get back to work (I work in a high school with special needs students) but hate to see the summer activities come to an end.  This has been an interesting spring/summer season in our house. It started with a hail storm (the first with my husband and I as home owners) I never knew how many things could be broken by flying ice. The contractors practically had to move into our garage and home for a month. The back of the house was the hardest hit with 8 of 10 windows damaged, all the pots broke, and all things wooden needing to be repaired/cleaned and stained. Everything was just about finished when tornado season came to an end then July came in with 100 degree temps. Well the heat wave has backed off for now the fence is now 90% done, the pergola can be started. All and all maybe a good long weekends worth of diy. This is just the start of the outdoor chores and does not include the flower gardens (which had to be put on hold do to companies running new lines through the neighbor hood), the vegetable garden (which is now just clean up) and touch ups for the house painting oh there is also something living under the front porch that will have to be dealt with.

So since July's heat put a hold on all out door activities I moved into the interior fun projects. This summer I managed to complete a gallery style hanging of picture frames (my promise to my husband I will put pictures in them), paint and hang two shelves (one kitchen/one bathroom), knit 9 wash clothes (to be knit together for a baby blanket), knit a pesto green/golden yellow baby blanket, start a third knit baby blanket (with one more to start and finish), and sew a dog pillow. I also decided to join the Bead Soup Blog Party so wish me luck finding the beading supplies!

Not a bad summer of projects I guess considering all the activities that also went on to entertain the child! I am looking forward to beading again and being able to get outside with out melting!

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  1. Hi Candice -- Nice new blog. My blog is pretty new too as you've probably seen. I'd love to see pictures of your creation (I knit, too). Nice to have you as a Bead Soup partner! -- Sally