Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Taking stock

I always tease my husband for his inability to finish a project or better yet how he always manages to get about 90%-98% finished. This means the tools are left strewn throughout the house in the case of the new pergo hall way floor the two door ways to be finished. After some reflection I am admitting to being the same way. I try not to but unforeseen forces usually pop up and despite my best intentions projects are not finished. So today I was feeling particularly guilty about this and decided to take stock in the unfinished projects. They are numbered in no particular order.

  1. Finish staining the fence
  2. Finish staining the pergola
  3. Touch ups on the house paint
  4. Weed through the flower gardens
  5. Start and Finish a pink/white baby blanket
  6. Weave in countless ends for knitting projects
  7. Block said knitting projects
  8. BSBP project
  9. Finish snow man (current bus project)
  10. Print/mount pictures for the gallery wall in the hall way
  11. Yellow/White baby blanket
Now time for the realization that this is not everything just the house hold stuff that I actually want to do. The first four I am hoping to complete before Saturday. The baby blankets are not needed till October then December. BSBP the 17th of September. The snow man anytime between now and December. The pictures anytime in the next two years (because last time it took me three years to fill picture frames). As I finish I will hopefully have the time to post the pictures and the stories behind each.


  1. Oh, Candice, my hubby is the same way. Exactly! Sometimes when he takes out a ladder or some other thing, I make mental bets with myself about how long it will sit there. I no longer prod him b/c I hate the idea of being a nag. So there the stuff sits! It sounds like you're really busy. Lots to do. I'm working on a gift for a friend and then will start thinking about Bead Soup!!

  2. I'm the same way! Half-finished jewelry pieces, beads & pendants that have been glazed for a week (2? 3? lol) that need to be fired, Bead Soup projects, new business cards...nevermind the househole chores!

    I think we all need an extra "me" around to give all of the un-fun projects to!