Friday, September 16, 2011

Some of the baby creations

I have been asked to post some of the finished projects I have made and since the three year old is at grandmas and the husband is watching TV I have some time so here goes....

The back story takes place in a typical American neighbor hood with typical neighbor hood kids just getting to know each other and maybe make a few friends. Well twenty plus years latter those kids are now adults with husbands and wives and kids (lots of kids) and the amazing thing they are all still friends. These people I tell you about are my husbands child hood friends and for the last 15 years they have been my friends. I  have been very blessed to have each and every one of them. So when it came time for us all to get married and start having babies it seemed like the perfect time to make some hand made gifts. These are some of the gifts that have been made..

      This is a clover shaped quilt based off a blanket from my grand mother (and yes I do still have one of her original clover quilts). My grandmother was an avid quilter and thought it important to teach me at around age 5.  Well 28 years latter I put this knowledge to good use and this is the result.

As you will notice another one of my favorite crafts to do is to knit. I found this pattern in a loom knitting book and thought it looked easy.  Not so much the joining of the two different types of square was difficult for me. Remember this is the second baby quilt I made with out grandma's help.

Diaper cake from a pattern my mom (who might I mention did not inherit grandmas craftiness but is amazing at motivating me) found. On the cake are some of the things I have knitted- the booties, wash rags, hat and lamb.

This is the first (maybe second- I cant remember who was born first) quilt I made with out grandma.
I am very lucky to havehad such an amazing teacher!

A simple card for an amazing set of parents!

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  1. Cool stuff, Candice! I also have been a quilter (but not so much any more) and am a knitter! I can't wait to see what you've made for the Bead Soup party tomorrow!!