Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Adventures in metal and ribbon

After participating in my first Bead Soup Blog Party I have been inspired to reach out of my comfort zone and try new beading methods. Two mediums I had wanted to try were using ribbon and/or metal.

   I decided to try out these mediums on a necklace for my mother in laws birthday, I needed a piece to match a knitted long vest. After talking to her I found out that she liked the color purple. The yarn I used was a self striping off white, blue and purple (I forgot to take pictures). I needed to find a way to bring out the purple in the yarn and first found the small purple beads. Then I introduced in the black ribbon and metal beads, focal and clasp.

I was so excited to get started I laid out the design at work then realized I should take pictures so as not to forget the design.

   After I returned home I realized that the black would not work for the piece as it was to dark. So I dug threw my sewing stash to find a light cream/off white colored ribbon. Then I realized that no matter what the ribbon was not going to fit threw any of the beads. So back to my jewelry stash where I found a length of chain. Below are pictures of the finished piece.


  1. Nice design Candice and I'm sure your Mother-in-law is going to love the necklace.

  2. Sorry it has taken so long to reply. Thanks she enjoys it and is always telling people about it.