Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Taking Stock 2

In an earlier post I blogged about a list of projects I had going on that needed to be completed. Recently I have started making lists again (more on this in another post) and decided to update that original list.
  1. Finish staining the fence
  2. Finish staining the pergola
  3. Touch ups on the house paint (A big thank you goes out to my husband for this one)
  4. Weed through the flower gardens
  5. Start and Finish a pink/white baby blanket (see Two pretty blankets for two beautiful  great nieces)
  6. Weave in countless ends for knitting projects
  7. Block said knitting projects
  8. BSBP project (So excited for this to be complete)
  9. Finish snow man (current bus project)
  10. Print/mount pictures for the gallery wall in the hall way
  11. Yellow/White baby blanket
This is the original list and as you can see I have made some progress. But as time has passed it is time to make a new list:

  1. Clean/winterize yard
  2. Hang Christmas lights (My solemn vow is to not turn them on till after thanksgiving)
  3. Keep weaving in all those ends to knitting projects
  4. Block finished projects
  5. BSBP forum swap
  6. Finish snowmen accessories
  7. Print/mount pictures for the gallery wall in the hall way
  8. Yellow/White baby blanket pieces (9 diagonal dish cloths blocked) just need to decide on the best way to join them then actually do it.
  9. Mother in laws two part bday gift
  10. Mothers special order necklace
  11. 6-8 birthdays (including one party to plan, 6 gifts to buy, 2-3 parties to attend)
  12. Christmas shopping
  13. And then what ever it is I just know I am forgetting......  

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  1. Candice, you make me tired just reading your list LOL! Good luck, I have quite a list also.