Saturday, November 12, 2011

11,000 pictures in need of a home

The time has come to start printing and mounting pictures for the upstairs hall way. Last spring (thanks to the dog digging up carpet) my husband and I decided it was time to put down pergo flooring. Me being me I could not stop at just flooring, new paint for the walls (did I mention 20 foot walls going up the stair way?), and re staining all molding. After all this the pictures that were there just did not seem adequate.
So this is what we now have:

And because all my plans have to have the proverbial wrench thrown into the mix the drive on the computer I use to hold all my pictures has now gone bad. My husband is now trying to find a place that will hold 11,ooo pictures (this is just the last 6 years) none of which has been printed yet.
Wish me luck in getting this project finished because I will need it.

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