Friday, April 20, 2012

This post is brought to you by our first year of preschool

   Way back in August I remember sitting in orientation for my son's first year of preschool. I know at that moment most first time parents were thinking of how quickly their son/daughter had grown up or that they would be sad that said child would be at school. This was not the case for my husband and I we were the exact   opposite, excited to say the least that our son would be going to school. This was a new outlet for him! A chance to allow other people outside of our friends and family to enjoy his never ending energy, opinions and boundless excitement to face the day. We have now almost completed a full year of school and even had our first parent teacher conference (Time to brag he is doing wonderfully... except when he needs to sit still its that never ending energy).  We have gone on field trips, holiday concerts, exchanged Christmas presents and Valentines.

   My favorite were the valentines. We went to the store and looked at all the boxed options, but I could tell none of these were the right ones. So I asked a simple question "What would you want to get for valentines?" To which he replied with blues, greens, pandas, no hearts, yellows, balls (to clarify soccer balls), and a toy all at once. So after I got an exact list of what he wanted the next question was "Do you just want to make your own?"  The following is what we came up with.
Green...Yellow...Blue paper

The Toy:  Miniature Slinky with smiley faces

Panda stickers (the stickers did include soccer balls)
Finished Product

He is using his silly smile he only uses when really Happy!

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